Impact of Finished Eyebrows on Your Makeup Look

Impact of Finished Eyebrows on Your Makeup Look

Eyebrow grooming may not even be on your beauty radar, but it needs to be. It’s amazing how pivotal those strips of hair above your eyes are. It’s time to give them the recognition time they deserve.

Why is it so important to incorporate your eyebrows into your makeup routine? Imagine a stunning portrait of a beauty queen. Now picture it in the cheapest, most tacky frame possible. Your eyebrows can either be that garish and ugly frame, or they can set off your face and complete your makeup look. In addition, your brows help to give your face the symmetrical appearance that you want.

Maintaining your eyebrows starts with shaping them. You don’t need fancy equipment, only a pencil or a makeup brush. Line up one end of your pencil with the side of your nose where your nostril begins and the other end with the corner of your eye. Where your pencil meets your eyebrow is where your brow should begin. To identify where your brow’s arch should be, align your pencil with the outside corner of your nose as before. Place the other end at the outside corner of your pupil. Your arch is where the pencil crosses your eyebrow. Find where your eyebrow should end by lining up your pencil with the outer corner of your nose and the outer corner of your eye. The end of your eyebrow is right at the point where it crosses the brow.

Now that you know where your eyebrows are, you may notice that they are not as full as you would like them to be. Have no fear: This can be cured with a few swipes of an eyebrow pencil. Choose a color that is no more than two shades darker or lighter than your brows are. Keep it natural by only using soft strokes.

If anyone were to tell you that adding five minutes to your makeup regimen would make a huge difference, you probably wouldn’t have believed them, but that was before you discovered the importance of your eyebrows. Give them this small amount of attention and you will be amazed at the results you get. Beautiful brows will give your face the perfect finishing touch!

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